This week our Scouts got to have their say. They know what activities they like an what they don't and, after all, it's their troop.

From their discussion, we produced a list of their favourite activities which has also been rendered into a Word-Cloud to give a much better visual representation. This will form the basis of our next few planning meetings.

We also produced our very own Cool Wall. Not surprisingly, "Cleaning The Hall" remained firmly in "Seriously Uncool" despite the leaders best efforts to sway the debate. Activities such as Caving, Climbing, Whitewater Rafting, Camping and Coasteering all proved to be "Sub Zero". Some of the basic skills started off at the "Uncool" end until some debate saw them move up. After all, how cool is falling off a cliff, or sinking a raft because you didn't come to the session where we learned to tie all the knots?


Have a look at what Scouts really want to do