Gilwell Park is the home of the UK Scout association's HQ.

Some would say that it's the spiritual home of Scouting - it definitely was this weekend.

13 brave Scouts and 4 leaders made the trip to Essex for Scarefest 2016.

After a long day travelling thanks to several holdups on the M4 and M25, we arrived and pitched our tents before tucking into some food and then exploring the site and getting a taster of some of the activities.

Saturday saw a day full of activities including Crate Stacking, Grass Sledging, Fairground Rides, Archery, and many, many more.

It's once the sun goes down that the camp really comes alive, or possibly undead!

Everyone gets into their fancy dress outfits for an evening of activities and scary mazes, topped off by a fantastic fireworks, sound and light show.

There were a few more activities on Sunday morning but then it's time to strike camp and head home to hang up some damp tents.

You can read more of the detail on our dedicated camp blog


This is a really fun camp - apart from the first meal, it's all catered so everyone can relax and enjoy the activities - a really good reward for all the hard work that goes into other camps and events through the year.